Spartians on their way to Beer Shewa: a long journey and beautiful weather

Alibi, however, do not want to create the sparrows in any way. They know that the time spent on an airplane or bus for matches in a cup of Europe is and is not worth crating for him. No matter how long it is.

“Everybody would like to play all the time at home rather than traveling like that. But that’s how it is, we can cope with it, “the attacker, Vaclav Kadlec, shrugged. “There are various ionic drinks or tablets that help the body to tolerate the journey. Or compression stockings. ”

And coach David Holoubek does not make headaches. “It will not be too complicated for me. I’ll read something on the plane, “he smiled. “It’s like traveling 1xbet mobile anywhere, even in a little farther destination.When we play a good game, regeneration will be easier. ”

On Tuesday, when the Sparta’s last trained in Prague, eighteen players were preparing for Summer. But the three who return after the wounds, namely Šural, Costa and Štěch, will not be in the expedition to Israel.

“I’ll tell you right away, I’m taking the same set as Jihlava,” he said. Nobody fell, no one came. We are traveling in the same composition. ”
What do you expect from a rival, not so well known, in Czechia?

” In Europe they free bets always played fast- strong.We will still play their matches in the Israeli league, so I’m pretty curious if they play differently at home against the league’s rivals, “Kadlec said. “I noticed that the midfielder Melikson will be unpleasant, we have to watch him.”

If the Beer Seve can look forward to something, it is definitely a warm weather. In Israel, the temperatures are just under the thirties, and even during the match it will surely not be cold for the Spartans.

“And that’s a nice news, I do not have to carry winter accessories,” Holoubek smiled. “It’s a nice change for us. Let’s get the stereotype here, from training in dry weather.It will be sprinkled with living water. ”

Will the result be shown?