Children often feel “unheard”

But it works only when the child wants to make a certain choice, not you forcing it by force (thus would be assigned only the desire of resistance, not “cooperation” with parents). So, you should try to explain to the child useful for the practical importance of a correct choice, to interest him.

Children often feel “unheard”. We can’t get kids just to obey, if you don’t want to break their will of choice. It is necessary to encourage their willingness to cooperate.

Often, children are willing to give adults the right to decide, but as adults willing to listen to the wishes of the child. It is possible that in a particular situation, negotiating with the child, you will understand that a compromise solution is preferred. Explain to your child your reasoning, hear him out and then that will be your total win.

Children can feel lonely and that’s not “associated” with the parents. It happens because of the insufficient time that parents give to children. That is, if the child predominantly hears from you only instructions as to what he needed to do, but you pay him little attention in the context of the activities and games that are interesting to him, then expect him to obedience should not be. The main thing is love and empathic relationship, not demanding respect.
Children have the same characteristics as adults. Have in mind that excessive control logical causes resistance time. But the consequences may be different, depending on innate characteristics and previous education.

That is, it can lead to growth in the rebellious traits in the character of the child and to the loss of initiative in life. The baby should always be sure that you’re on his side, that you listen to him. Nurture the child, not just try to control it. The ability to compromise, to cooperate their plans and actions – a pledge that the child will obey.

Is there an empathic child rearing difficult work?
Perhaps it may seem at first glance. Of course, many people want to think that just to say that in an authoritative tone and expect obedience to the instructions of the parents is an easy way of proper education. But, in fact, following the above recommendations, try to develop the self-discipline of the child. And then you do not need to repeat five times before he’ll listen.

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